Elegance, safety and comfort for your feet.
The following gallery shows a collection of shoes that every man would like to have in his wardrobe. Styles, their origins, features and names are described in detail.

The male shoe for every occasion

TYPE: BLACK FORMAL MULE for all seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Extremely elegant shoe with a perfect line, created in thin black calfskin where extreme simplicity becomes synonymous with refined elegance.
COMBINATIONS: A mid-evening shoe that can be worn in all seasons. Ideal as an accessory to a dark grey suit, for dinners or after dinner. Also perfect for a tuxedo with a white or cream jacket, as an alternative to the black patent leather Francesina.

TYPE: MULE "MARIO SHOE" for spring and autumn.
CHARACTERISTICS: Classic shoe made of Bulgarian leather antique walnut to wear all day in spring-autumn, with a fine line and elegance.
COMBINATIONS: Despite the extreme elegance of the line, it remains a shoe for daytime. It can be worn with wool or cashmere jackets or complete sports outfits: covercoat, cavalry, Donegal, in woodsy colors, twills and brown Prince of Wales.

TYPE: MULE "SHOE WITH TONGUE AND ELASTIC" for the autumn-winter seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Of great simplicity made of birch-colored leather which can be especially appreciated when viewed in profile. Medium welted sole, extended at the sole with closed waists. Very high instep, it has an elastic insert in front hidden by the tongue.
COMBINATIONS: A beautiful city shoe to be worn with casual outfits, separates, or complete suits of covercoat, cavalry or Donegal.

TYPE: MULE "SHOE WITH STRAP AND BUCKLE" for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: A rich shoe, because of the importance which comes from the simplicity of the line, made of dark brown calfskin. Note the position of the strap, rather high on the instep girth, so as to accentuate its slender line.
COMBINATIONS: Undeniable complement to complete outfits in Prince of Wales or carded twill fabrics. To wear, always with pleasure and confidence, during winter in the city, from dawn to sunset.

TYPE: MULE "SHOE WITH STRAP, BUCKLE AND FRINGE TAB" for the winter-autumn seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Shoe with a distinctive casual quality made of dark brown calfskin. Upper part with plain vamp, decorated with a wide fringe tab and closed by a strap with buckle.
COMBINATIONS: Day and free time shoe, rugged, solid, safe, perfect for traveling and for trips.

CHARACTERISTICS: Definitely casual shoe, made of hammered calfskin, walnut brown. The upper part with plain vamp allows for lacing underneath, conveniently covered by the tongue with fringe, in turn surmounted by the strap closed with a buckle.
COMBINATIONS: Only to be paired with very casual jackets, with squares or Prince of Wales design, of tweed or of Donegal, over plain-colored flannel trousers; but would also look very good with complete outfits in Donegal or covercoat in woodsy colors.

TYPE: ANKLE BOOT WITH BUCKLE for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Definitely casual shoe made of rosewood-colored hand-grained calfskin. Rubber lug sole. Upper with plain vamp; high quarters closed by a strap with buckle. Inside the shoe there is a bellows tongue so that it can be put on with ease.
COMBINATIONS: Free time shoe, for country and the rainy season, is ideal for jeans lined with flannel, corduroy trousers, heavy cotton drill or covercoat.

TYPE: "DERBY BOOT" for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Made of black calfskin tied by laces in holes and hooks, perfect for the person who likes to have their ankle covered and well bound. The only decorative note is given by the band that attaches the boot to the waist and the one under the (vamp) throat.
COMBINATIONS: Winter day shoe, with all the caracteristics of a shoe that can take anyone, who likes to dress classically, from morning to evening. It would therefore combine perfectly with separates.

TYPE: Black "BROCCHINO" BOOT for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: "Brocchino" is the name with which the connoisseurs call the boot with elastic insert. Smooth upper with bilateral elastic insert and rear hook.
COMBINATIONS: Elegant winter shoe especially suited for formal occasions such as a dinner or an after dinner event; it needs to be worn with a dark grey three piece suit with vest, of combed fabric, or even with a tuxedo for someone who cannot resist the certain fascination of the boot.

TYPE: "HALF ANKLE BOOT" for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Very classic casual half ankle boot, made in suede calfskin, with three eyelet Derby fastening, with small, sporty, round laces, and crepe sole.
COMBINATIONS: The most correct combination is with corduroy trousers in the whole range of autumn colors, with padded jeans or very heavy cotton drill trousers, worn with beautiful cashmere sweaters. But it doesn’t clash with knickerbockers either.

TYPE: MOCCASIN MULE for the summer season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Casual sporty moccasin, made of honey-colored grained calfskin. Upper with smooth vamp, where the only decorative note is represented by the double stitching which highlights the apron and the outside counter.
COMBINATIONS: Comfortable, casual shoe, ideal for the hot season, excellent for daytime in the city, with linen or gabardine clothes. At the beach in the evening, it will combine splendidly with blue trousers and an elegant shirt.

TYPE: MOCCASIN WITH TRANSVERSAL STRAP for the spring-summer seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Made in ochre-colored blade, to be worn all day without any problem because of its comfort and versatility. Upper with double stitched apron done by hand and transversal strap with double decorative pattern, which on the upper portion extends to the waist.
COMBINATIONS: Will go perfectly with daytime grisaille-type outfits or Prince of Wales, of different weights depending on the climate.

TYPE: FLEX MOCCASIN for the summer season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Extremely light and soft, made in walnut-colored blade. Upper with stitched apron; high transversal band cut straight on the upper part, refined by a heart-shaped pattern on the lower part.
COMBINATIONS: As with the smooth moccasin, perfect for daytime with linen outfits also with gabardine outfits. At the beach, in the evening, it would go well with blue trousers and a shirt or blue T-shirt always of an elegant tone.

TYPE: MOCCASIN D. For all seasons
CHARACTERISTICS: Sporty moccasin made in brown hammered calfskin. Upper with median cap stitching and apron with open embroidery which is repeated on the transversal strap, with oval in the center, border of the tongue and outside counter.
COMBINATIONS: Will go very well with separate jackets of cashmere or worn with flannel trousers. Very pretty also in combination with complete sports outfits: of covercoat, twills and Prince of Wales.

TYPE: CLASSIC MOCCASIN for the spring-autumn seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Elegant moccasin, made of blue calfskin which makes it even more important in spring and autumn. Upper with apron highlighted by a rather high double stitched transversal edge. In the center, refined pattern that forms a Greek key design.
COMBINATIONS: Ideal combination is with complete outfits, for example pinstriped blue with a rather faint stripe, made as business suits, or Prince of Wales in various shades of blue.

TYPE: MOCCASIN WITH TASSELS for the spring-autumn seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Made of mahogany-colored calfskin. Upper with small apron. A small leather tape goes all around the apron to tie together in the front with two tassels.
COMBINATIONS: Match with tweed jackets with leather buttons over dark grey flannel trousers. Ideal for trousers in very sporty fabrics (covercoat, cavalry, corduroy) and leather jackets.

TYPE: MOCCASIN WITH STRAP AND TASSELS for the spring-summer seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Made in “Moroccan” calfskin. Single piece upper with double stitching on the back of the heel. Transversal strap wider at the sides that gets thinner in the center.
COMBINATIONS: Combine with complete sports outfits or separates (however avoiding tweeds). In autumn, perfect with wool or cashmere jackets. In spring, splendid with a blue blazer or medium weight combed fabric from grey to brown, always with grey outfits and grey socks.

TYPE: CASUAL MOCCASIN for the whole year.
CHARACTERISTICS: Sole of light crepe. Upper with apron with turned back border, highlighted well by the color of the stitching. Transversal strap with Greek key design at the edges and intaglio in the center. An extremely flexible shoe.
COMBINATIONS: A shoe for your free time, for the country and for the beach, for the summer and the rainy seasons. In the summer version, it is a boat shoe. In the cold seasons, it will go with jeans padded with flannel, or corduroy trousers of very heavy cotton drill.

TYPE: CLASSICAL SPORTY MOCCASIN for the summer season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Made of dark walnut brown blade. Upper with apron elegantly highlighted by double hand-stitching. Transversal strap, decorated with a heart-shaped design.
COMBINATIONS: It is a city shoe that can be worn all day in the summer, at any age for the person who likes the classic look. It will combine with two-piece outfits in grisaille or light "needle stitch", or other fabrics such as Tasmania.

TYPE: DERBY CAPRI for the summer season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Elegant, fastened by two eyelets with round laces, closed sole, with welt. The double stitching design which decorates the quarter continues around the ankle portion to the outside counter.
COMBINATIONS: Perfect if worn with white, beige or very light colonial shades of linen. Designed for those who go on cruises, or live in Mediterranean areas, where the warm season extends for several months, favoring the use of light-colored clothes.

TYPE: DERBY ZEBU' for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Fastened by five eyelets with round laces, sporty. Sole completely extended, of rubber or crepe. Apron with smooth vamp. A shoe which, thanks also to the type of sole, is able to tackle mud and bad weather.
COMBINATIONS: Given its line it allows you to cut loose in choosing outfits of a decidedly sports tone. Splendid also with complete outfits of covercoat or Donegal in winter color shades.

TYPE: DERBY BERLUTI for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: A sporty shoe, fastened by four eyelets, round laces, thin and small; heavy sole. Apron with smooth vamp; edges decorated with double stitching in the front and edge worked with holes, closed with thin scalloping.
COMBINATIONS: Perfect in winter with separates and tweed and cashmere jackets, in all the shades of autumn colors, with dark grey flannel trousers and with complete outfits in covercoat or Donegal.

TYPES: DERBY CLASSIC for the spring-autumn seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Five eyelet fastening, flat laces. Medium sole, with welt, extended to the heel. Smooth vamp with added straight tip, decorated with the classic edge with holes. The edges are attached to the vamp with a double row of stitching.
COMBINATIONS: It is the ideal shoe for those who like to dress in a classic manner. Therefore, both in autumn and in spring, by varying of course the weight of the fabrics according to the season, it will go with a blue blazer over grey flannel trousers, two-pieces in grisaille, whole flannels, or grey or blue pinstriped.

TYPE: DERBY FIORELLINI for the autumn-winter seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Made of walnut brown Bulgarian leather, five eyelet fastening, flat laces, which can be substituted by round ones to give a sportier look. Medium sole, with welt. Apron with vamp and added straight tip, decorated.
COMBINATIONS: It is the ideal companion for cashmere or English tweed jackets, worn with anthracite-colored flannel trousers. But would also be very nice with complete three-piece suits of covercoat, cavalry or Donegal, in warm autumn tones.

TYPE: DERBY ENGLAND for the winter-autumn seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Extremely sporty shoe made of burgundy-colored blade with five eyelet fastening, with small, round laces; heavy sole, completely welted edge.
COMBINATIONS: Recommended in spring-autumn with English tweed, cashmere and Prince of Wales jackets in tones of yellow, green, camel, tobacco and dried leaf, over dark grey flannel trousers.

TYPE: DERBY CASUAL for the summer season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Made of brown suede calfskin. Two eyelet fastening with round laces. Light sole completely welted, with visible stitching. Refined border in leather on the sole.
COMBINATIONS: Soft, practical shoe, easy to wear, ideal for the country; will go very well for vacations in the mountains. Finds its greatest expression therefore when worn with heavy trousers in cotton drill or corduroy.

TYPE: DERBY MAREMMA for the autumn-winter seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Four eyelet fastening, small round laces; crepe sole completely welted. Upper with vamp and added straight tip, highlighted by double stitching.
COMBINATIONS: Perfect shoe for free time in the winter, it will go very well worn with heavy wool flannel trousers, very casual tweed jackets with leather buttons and flannel shirts in various sober colors and tiny checks.

TYPE: GOLF DERBY for all seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Shoe for typically casual wear of extraordinary sturdiness; heavy sole, with welt, extended all around the heel. The sole has spikes to hold the foot better in wet grass and muddy soil.
COMBINATIONS: In the cold seasons it would be worn with wool tartan trousers and flannel shirts or cashmere sweaters with wool socks; in summer with cotton tartan trousers or Bermuda shorts with heavy cotton knee-length socks, and cotton polo shirts.

TYPE: NORWEGIAN DERBY for the autumn-winter seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Casual shoe with five eyelet fastening, small round laces. Upper with vamp with pointed center line decorative pattern. Difficult shoe to manufacture because of the Norwegian sole and the refined work on the upper, but with a very attractive result.
COMBINATIONS: Born as a casual city shoe, it will certainly also please a refined country gentleman. Shoe to be paired with very casual outfits: Prince of Wales, cashmere, and tweed jackets, in all the autumn shades, in flannel and covercoat.

TYPE: DERBY WITH BUCKLE for the autumn-winter seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Elegant shoe for the whole day. Upper with smooth vamp and strap which closes over the opposite edge with a buckle. Stitching around the ankle edges and by the small V design which highlights the point of these designs.
COMBINATIONS: Shoe adapted to important suits, ideal for the city from dawn to sunset together with grey flannel and grey or blue pinstriped suits. This model will also go well with a blue cashmere blazer.

TYPE: CASUAL DERBY WITH BUCKLE for the autumn-winter seasons.
CHARACTERISTICS: Upper with straight tip and outside counter added; decoration with holes (slots), closed by a thin scalloping of the leather. The decoration on the tip is repeated on the edges and the outside counter, while a double stitching borders the ankle and the strip.
COMBINATIONS: In town it would be paired with ease with separates: combed and cashmere jackets over flannel trousers. For one’s free time, it would be worn with velours trousers and soft suede leather jackets.

TYPE: FRANCESINA DUILIO for the spring-autumn-season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Classic casual shoe, known both as "Duilio", and as "swallow tail" for the characteristic, elegant movement of the front part. In the Anglo-Saxon world, but also here, the model is known as the "Oxford", in the more casual and heavier version it is also called a "brogue".
COMBINATIONS: In autumn it would go well with suits of covercoat or cavalry in the soft woodland, dry leaf, chestnut, moss shades. In spring it is perfect in suits of colonial shades.

TYPE: FRANCESINA MOROCCO for the spring-autumn season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Five eyelet fastening, with thin round laces. Medium sole, with welt, extended to the heel. Upper with straight point and a somber three-hole decoration. For weight, heft characteristics it should be considered adapted to cold seasons.
COMBINATIONS: It will go well with two-piece grisaille or gabardine outfits in the range of colonial colors. In the autumn version is will be perfect with decidedly casual complete outfits.

TYPE: FRANCESINA CORDOVAN for the spring-autumn season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Francesina five eyelet fastening with thin round laces. Medium sole, welted, extended to the heel. Upper with tip and outside counter added and worked with three stitchings. The very expensive material, today produced in only one tannery near Chicago, makes a shoe especially appreciated by connoisseurs.
COMBINATIONS: It is a shoe that goes with light mid season colors and is perfect with complete suits such as grisaille and medium weight Prince of Wales, light brown, brownish and grey tones.

TYPE: FRANCESINA BROWN for the spring-autumn season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Classic shoe with five eyelet fastening and flat, elegant brown laces. Medium sole, welted, extended to the heel. Upper with smooth vamp, added straight tip.
COMBINATIONS: It is a shoe, perfect for the autumn season, when it will be paired very well, giving the person wearing it the knowledge of being perfectly dressed, grisailles and Prince of Wales in the whole range of chestnuts and light browns.

TYPE: FRANCESINA PIPA for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Five eyelet fastening, round thin laces. Medium sole, welted, extended to the heel. Upper with smooth straight point vamp, decorated with alternating florets. The decoration is repeated, very discreetly, around the (vamp) throat and on the outside counter.
COMBINATIONS: Ideal to pair with “go anywhere” outfits. Blue blazers and grey flannel trousers are perfect, as well as a complete blue suit or a nice blue or grey pinstriped suit.

CHARACTERISTICS: Ideal for facing the rigors of the bad season. Heavy Norwegian sole, massive, with two stitchings all around the heel. Straight tip, highlighted by a decoration of seven stitchings.
COMBINATIONS: In winter it will go with separate outfits of tweed or cashmere jackets over flannel trousers. It would be perfect with a nice camelhair double-breasted coat.

CHARACTERISTICS: Five eyelet fastening with flat laces. Medium sole, welted, extended at the sole with closed waists, straight tip, with decorations of holes, one large and two small alternating, the vamp and outside counter are instead decorated with a double stitching of minute stitches.
COMBINATIONS: A shoe that goes very well with complete “needle stitch” blue suits, with complete grey flannels, with grisailles and pinstriped suits in blue and grey tones, in other words all classic suits.

TYPE: FRANCESINA "SWALLOW TAIL" for the winter season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Elegant shoe with five eyelet fastening and black, flat laces. Medium sole, welted, extended to the heel. Upper with “swallow tail” point on the vamp with double stitching, which is also repeated on the outside counter.
COMBINATIONS: Still a very up-to-date model of rare distinction, in Milan as well as New York, it will go elegantly with all classic winter suits: two-piece "needle stitch" suits in tones of blue, complete grey flannels, blue or grey pinstriped suits, but also more formal suits.

TYPE: FRANCESINA FORMAL for every season.
CHARACTERISTICS: Decidedly elegant shoe, with five eyelet fastening, flat, black laces. Upper with smooth vamp with straight tip added; the decoration, almost imperceptible, is however sufficient to give a touch of gracefulness and refinement.
COMBINATIONS: In the late afternoon it goes with a cocktail suit; in the evening the dark suit, as long as it is not a tuxedo; during the day a formal suit, unless morning dress is required.

CHARACTERISTICS: Classic evening shoe, fastened with five eyelets, black flat laces, suitable because of the elegance of the shape and the beauty of the leather, the stupendous and unbeatable patent leather. Closed sole, very light. Upper with smooth vamp.
COMBINATIONS: In the happy combination of a valued material, such as light and soft calfskin, and elegant shape, it is a must for morning dress, as well as the tuxedo, be it for winter or summer with white jacket. Must be worn with long black silk stockings.

Dressy black shoe

"Mario" shoe

Shoe with toungue and elastic

Shoe with strap and bouckle

Shoe with strap, bouckle and fringe tab

Golf style shoe

Ankle boot with buckle

Derby top boot

Black “Brocchino” top boot

Demi-ankle boot

Slip on moccasin

Moccasin with buckle strap

Flex moccasin

D. moccasin

Classic mocassin

Moccasin with tassels

Moccasin with buckle strap and tassels

Casual moccasin

Sports-looking classic moccasin

Derby Capri

Derby Zebù

Derby Berluti

Classic Derby

Derby Fiorellini

Derby England

Casual Derby

Derby Maremma

Golf Derby

Norwegian Derby

Derby with buckle

Sports derby with buckle

Oxford Duilio

Oxford Marocco

Oxford Cordovan

Brown Oxford

Oxford Pipa

Oxford Sport with Norwegian bottom

Classic Oxford

Oxford with heel breast flap

Dressy Oxford

Evening Oxford